We have always known that technology is one of the mainstays of success in reproductive medicine. Having state-of-the-art equipment allows us to perfect treatments and have high pregnancy rates.

The incorporation of new incubators and systems of embryo selection by Artificial Intelligence are the future of assisted reproduction techniques. iGin’s laboratory incorporates Embryoscope+ in all treatments: a state-of-the-art incubator that provides the best possible environment for the development of embryos to blastocyst obtained in In Vitro Fertilization treatments. Its design ensures that the conditions in the incubation chamber are stable and controlled.

Thanks to a time-lapse image capture system, Embryoscope+ allows us to monitor and have full control over the evolution of the embryos from the moment both gametes meet to their transfer to the uterus. All this without having to remove them from the incubator, thus avoiding altering the temperature, humidity and lighting conditions of the culture. With this real- time monitoring, we can choose the embryos with the greatest potential.



iGin is the only assisted reproduction centre in northern Spain incorporating advanced Artificial Intelligence software into this system, contributing to the improvement of embryo implantation rates: IDAScore (Intelligent Data Analysis for embryo evaluation). It analyzes each of the embryos, comparing them with the information collected from millions of embryos around the world. Like this, it identifies and classifies those that are most likely to be successful.

This system is completed with the KIDScore (Known Implantation Data) algorithm, also used in iGin. It allows to relate the development patterns that have been monitored in each embryo with its implantation potential.

These support tools are at the forefront of reproductive technology and allow our embryologists to make the best decisions with a single goal: to achieve pregnancy in the shortest time possible.


At iGin we use these Artificial Intelligence and Embryoscope+ systems in all our reproduction treatments that require laboratory embryo culture, such as IVF-ICSI, egg donation, ROPA method or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.