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How are egg donors selected?

Generally, it takes a while for patients who opt for egg donation to assume that this treatment is their only chance of having children. They need to go through a process of acceptance on a psychological and emotional level.

Covid vaccines and fertility treatments: Can I seek pregnancy?

Most countries are immersed in the vaccination process against COVID-19. Thanks to the vaccines, we now start to see the end of a pandemic that has upturned our life and plans, including the wish of many women and couples of having children.

Pregnant women and lactating mothers will be able to use the Janssen vaccine against Covid

The one-dose vaccine against Covid from the Janssen company will be administered to pregnant women and lactating mothers, as confirmed by the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE), organism that advises the World Health Organization (WHO).

A study analyses the development of born children conceived through a fertility treatment

Many mothers question whether having a child born following a fertility treatment could impact in their future development. A recent study from the Centre for Fertility and Health of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has found an answer.

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