Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) is an assisted reproduction technique based on natural fertility. During this procedure, a semen sample (previously prepared in the laboratory) is inserted directly into the uterus.
It can be performed during a spontaneous cycle or a soft ovarian stimulation.
Artificial Insemination can be performed using a partner´s sperm or sperm from a donor.
Artificial insemination is usually recommended for a maximum of 3 to 4 treatment cycles depending on the case, after which and when a successful pregnancy has not been achieved, an in vitro fertilization treatment (IVF) is recommended.

Artificial Insemination


Each cycle starts with menstruation. Typically, when a spontaneous or natural cycle takes place, only one dominant follicle develops. Like this, hormone replacement therapy is generally recommended in order to stimulate the ovaries and obtain a greater number of follicles. Their growth (size and quantity) is closely monitored to avoid the risk of a multiple pregnancy.

Stimulation starts within the first five days of the menstrual cycle and it is triggered by daily subcutaneous hormone injections. The lenght of a stimulation cycle varies from patient to patient but it lasts eight to ten days on average.

During the stimulation process, a number of gynaecological ultrasound scans and / or hormonal analyses are performed. There are 2 to 3 mid-cycle screenings.
These ultrasound scans and hormone tests allow us to identify the size of the follicle(s) and determine the best time for triggering ovulation.

Once the follicle or follicles have reached the appropriate size, ovulation is induced by a subcutaneous hormone injection.

Between 36 and 42 hours after ovulation is induced, a semen sample is provided. In the case of using donor´s sperm, he will be chosen according to the physical characteristics of the recipient(s).

The semen will be prepared in the laboratory so motile sperm are selected.
Once semen is prepared, it is introduced into the uterus via a thin catheter; from here, the sperm will follow its way naturally and fertilize the eggs in the fallopian tubes. It is a painless, quick process that is performed over a short period of time. After the procedure, the woman will rest for a few minutes at the clinic and she will be able to resume her daily activities right afterwards.

A pregnancy blood test is performed 12 days after the insemination. Ultrasound is scheduled two weeks after a positive blood test to confirm a pregnancy is in progress.

This technique is recommended as a first option for single women or homosexual female couples with no previous history of infertility. It also applies to young heterosexual couples who have been trying to conceive for a short period of time, and who are in any of the following situations:

  • Idiopathic or unexplained infertility; when most common infertility disorders have been ruled out through basic tests.
  • Minor male factor: a slight alteration of the seminal fluid that will still ensure the provision of optimal sperms that, after lab preparation, will be expected to reach the egg naturally.  
  • Cervical Factor: any disease that affects the functioning of the cervix (stenosis, scarring, abnormal cervical mucus, etc.)
  • Sexual dysfunction: coital or psychological pathologies preventing from carrying out a complete intercourse (erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, etc.)
  • Ovulatory dysfunction: in the case of women with irregular or absent cycles (amenorrhea / oligomenorrhea), and therefore, with irregular or absent ovulation, usually due to hormone imbalance.
  • Severe male factor: in case of serious and irreversible male sterility (Azoospermia: no sperm found in ejaculation), and no other female sterility factor identified. In this case, sperm donation is considered.
  • Male genetic factor: severe genetic conditions carried by a male and that may be passed onto his offspring. In this case, sperm donation is considered.

Artificial Insemination Cost


Previous study




Post insemination

NOTE: Add on 435€ when donor sperm is required

Services included

Case-oriented consultation and cycle planning

Ultrasound scans required during stimulation (unlimited)

Hormonal screenings (unlimited)

Preparation of semen sample

Artificial Insemination

Rest at the clinic

BHCG – blood test to determine pregnancy (unlimited)

Two pregnancy check-ups

Total Amount    775€
  • Fixed Price: This is a fixed priced treatment that includes the services detailed on the cost breakdown. Supplementary tests may be required according to medical criteria, however, these will be notified in advance.
  • Validity: The validity of this estimate is 6 months from the date of your first consultation.
  • Medication: Medication costs are not included. These will be assumed by the patient.
  • Cancellation by the patient: In case of cancellation of the treatment, the patient must pay the costs incurred until that point.
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